Acoustical Room Packages

Home theater room surfaces with full acoustical coverage create the ultimate listening experience. A properly-designed room provides an excellent balance of reflective, absorptive and diffusive acoustical treatments. Home Theater Noise control has a variety of ways to design your home theater for beautiful acoustics and aesthetics.

Economically enhance a room’s acoustical performance and visual beauty with strategically-placed wall panels and bass traps. Choose from over Large variety of different acoustical fabrics in standard or custom panel designs.

Noise Control solutions are designed for all aspects of your room’s acoustics so your theater sounds outstanding no matter what you’re watching.


Full room Coverage – We will work with you to customize your home theater environment and can provide full acoustical coverage of home theater walls and ceilings.

Customized fabric-covered acoustical system for walls and ceilings.

Acoustical Wall Panels available in standard and custom design and provide an attractive and cost-effective way to completely cover your home theater acoustics.

Designer Room Acoustical Panels – wide variety of acoustical fabrics and color combinations to create a custom look. Acoustical Designer Room Panels are attractive and cost effective acoustical solution to cover your home theater surface.


Acoustical room packages are Customized: Acoustical Wall panels absorb and control harsh sound reflections, Acoustical Diffusion Panels decrease the intensity of reflected sound, without diminishing acoustical performance. Acoustical bass traps absorb hard-to-control low-frequency sound in room corners.

Our Engineer will provide you with the best solution according to your room requirement, by addressing every aspect of your room’s acoustics: Reflection – Diffusion – Absorption


WE CUSTOM MAKE ALL OUR ACOUSTICAL PRODUCTS YOU CAN be assured of receiving the highest quality at competitive prices. 561-964-9360