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Soundproofing Noise Control are manufacturers of various acoustical home theater products used for sound control & soundproofing. We specialize in noise control products for use in Home Theaters, Audio rooms, OEM projects, Office Conference and Office Media Rooms.

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Address:   2731 Vista Parkway, WPB FL 33411
Phone:       561-964-9360
Fax:           561-964-9359

We developed noise control and acoustical products to meet special requirements of home theater, office buildings, industrial plants, auditoriums, hospitals, recording studios, cinemas, and media rooms.

Soundproofing Noise Control is a complete source for engineered soundproofing and acoustical solutions and we we ship acoustical materials worldwide. Our products correct one of two basic acoustic problems, noise absorption or sound transmission control.

We are committed to our customers and their needs and are always ready to go the extra step to make sure we make our clients environments a quieter place whether it is for OSHA requirements, worker health & safety, student or office productivity, residential pease and more.