Fabric Wrapped Corner Bass Trap

Fabric Wrapped Corner Bass Trap is a low frequency bass absorber that answers your acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong sound absorbing performance, durability and elegant appearance. acoustical-wall-panels

Fabric Wrapped Corner Brass are designed to fit into room corners and come in 2’ and 4’ heights, both of which have a 12” depth. Installing these acoustical bass absorbers is quick and easy.

They can simply rest on the floor in the corners or be adhered with water based panel adhesive or Velcro.

The standard fabric used on them is the Guilford of Maine FR701 Acoustic Fabric. Our Noise Control Fabric Wrapped Corner Bass Trap is class 1 fire-rated and are often used in the Broadcast and Recording Industries, Home Theaters and Houses of Worship.


  •     Reduces echo and reverberation
  •     Low frequency absorption
  •     Exceptional acoustical performance
  •     Mold-resistant, fire-retardant
  •     Easy Installation

Technical Information:

  •     Size: 12″ depth, 2′ or 4′ height
  •     Construction: Open-cell melamine-based foam core with fabric finish
  •     Finish: Guilford of Maine FR701
  •     Density: 0.7 lbs./cu. ft.
  •     Fire Rating: Class 1 or A per ASTM E84

Installation Method:

  • These panels can easily be mounted to any wall or ceiling surface with water based construction adhesive.
  • Installation is best done at the end of the construction project.
  • Use clean gloves to prevent soiling material.
  • Melamine foam is fragile and should be handled with care.
  • Do not install material of unacceptable quality.